Diabetes (type 1)

What is type 1 diabetes?

Young diabetes is a chronic disease that often arises in childhood or adolescence, but it appears at any age. This disease constitutes 10% of all diabetes.

مرض السكري

Insulin is a hormone secreted by beta cells in the pancreas, where insulin shares the exchanges of substances for sugars and fats in all tissues and its decisive function is to help insert sugar that is a source of energy to the cells

Circular symptoms of type 1

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes include the following

1- Common symptoms of diabetes
Often the signs are hidden, but they can become severe like
Vaccination of foggy
Also, severe and difficult breathing
Mood changes
Likewise, involuntary urination for a dry child at night
Stomach and vomiting disorder
Likewise, unjustified weight loss, although you eat and feel hungry

2- Symptoms of the risk of type 1 diabetes

Vibration and confusion
Also the smell of fruits in your breath
– abdominal pain
Likewise, losing awareness in rare cases
Vibration and confusion

Complications of type 1 diabetes

1- Heart and vascular diseases
Diabetes can expose you to the risk of blood clots, as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol
2- Pregnancy problems
The women with diabetes of the first type also suffer from the risk of premature birth, birth defects, the birth of the fetus, and the poisoning of pregnancy
3- Gum disease
Likewise, it can cause saliva and poor blood flow to obtain problems in the mouth
4- Skin problems
Also people with diabetes are more likely to develop fungal or bacterial infection
5- Network disorder
These eye problems occur at about 80 % ؜ from adults with type 1 diabetes
6- Kidney damage
About 20 % of type 1 diabetes patients are currently called kidneys

Causes of type 1 diabetes

– Type 1 diabetes is caused by a self -reaction, meaning that the body attacks itself by mistake and destroys the cells of the pancreas, which is an insulin factory.

Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes
1- Random blood sugar test
2- Likewise, fasting blood sugar test
3- Also, diabetic hemoglobin

Treatment Diabetes is the first type
– Insulin is fast -acting
Likewise, insulin average act
Also, regular or short -acting insulin
– or insulin long -acting

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